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Latest Edition- More Artists donate to Art Auction Fundraiser 5th May!

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As we are getting closer to our Art Auction Fundraiser of 5th May we continue to receive generous donations from Artists who have donated to support Sunshine Print Artspace Come along on the 5th and purchase one of these fabulous artworks. There will also be entertainment,  refreshments and fun.

Register here at Eventbrite to attend.

The artists featured in this post are;
  •  Pamela Andrews
  • John Barcham
  • Godwin Bradbear
  • Julia Boros
  • Michelle Caithness and Clive Murray White
  • Sarah CrowEst
  • Yvonne Day
  • Ross Digby
  • Joel Gailer
  • Rona Green
  • Chris Ingham
  • Imogen Hall
  • Peter Hutchinson
  • Martin King
  • Vietta Koren Steele
  • Michael Kluge
  • Stephen Macarthy
  • Elisabeth Milsom
  • Marina Perkovich
  • Julia Raath
  • Jeff Raglus
  •  Hugh Ramage
  • Fleur Rendell
  • Geoffry Ricardo
  • Marc Rogerson
  • Susan Stevenson
  • Giles Warren

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