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Young Artists Explore Collagraph Printing.

Our first Collagraph print workshop for 9 young artists conducted by SPA printmaker Adrian Spurr this month.
This was a busy and creative workshop that was a lot of fun to boot.   After a preliminary introduction to the SPA workshop, the students got their creativity flowing by drawing flower shapes with compressed charcoal on newsprint. Using these initial drawings as a starting point for a collagraph, materials that had strong textural characteristics were cut, torn, positioned and stuck to a sheet of thick card. The freshly glued constructions were dried and then printed after lunch. All students made three or four preliminary prints in order to judge how much ink was required to get a perfect print.  Once this was finalised, to the satisfaction of the artist, a final print was made using Hannemule, watermarked paper.
The success of this workshop was such that follow up workshops taking the collagraph images of the flowers into the medium of screen printing are planned.
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