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You are invited to attend our inaugural Fundraising Art Auction.
Join us to celebrate and support the establishment of Sunshine Print Artspace (SPA) as a Not For Profit access and custom printmaking studio initiated by artists Phillip Doggett-Williams and Adrian Spurr.
This fundraising event will be your chance to purchase artworks by emerging and established Australian artists who have generously donated their work to support SPA.

Please register to attend the event here.

All funds raised by this auction will facilitate set up costs, public workshop programs, outreach education opportunities, art events and forums.

Future fundraising at SPA will aim to establish a professional art gallery and a national/international art residency program. This inaugural fundraiser has an ambitious target to raise $50,000 and we would be greatly indebted were you to generously support our goals.

“We believe that Art remains relevant to future generations and has a vital role to play in building a society that is inventive, inclusive and generous of spirit”.

Exhibiting Artists include:

Graeme Altman, Pamela Andrews, Robin Astley, Julia Boros, Dean Bowen, Godwin Bradbeer, Honor Bradbeer, John Barcham, Andreas Buisman, Sebastion Berto, Michelle Caithness, Jon Cattapan, Annette Cooke, Sarah crowEST, Anne Crawford, Dawn Csutoros, Jo Darvall, Yvonne Day, Sonny Dalimore, Emma Davies, Yvonne Day, Ross Digby, Robert Doble, Phillip Dogett-Williams, Andrew Ferguson, Peter Ferguson, David Frazer, Joel Gailer, Dianne Gameson, Gina Gascoigne, Pasquale Giardino, Rona Green, Gillian Haig, Imogen Hall, Shelley Hannigan, Richard Harding, Peter Hutchinson, Chris Ingham, Mathew Johnson, Ruth Johnstone, Bill Kelly, Jeremy Kibel, Martin King, Michael Kluge, Richard Lewer, Sal Lolicato, Athanasios Kokkinos, Vietta Korren – Steele, Anna Cossington St Smythe, Kelly Koumalatsos, Michael Kluge, Khi-Lee Thorpe, Steve McCarthy, Dianne Majewski, Darren Mc Donald, John Murray, Clive Murray-White, Stephen McCarthy, Elisabeth Milsom, Mike Nichols, Marina Perkovich, Ted Powell, Julia Raath, Jeff Raglus, High Ramage, Fleur Rendell, Geoff Ricardo, Trudy Rice, Marc Rogerson, Victor Rubin, Ann Ryan, Bart Sanciolo, Michael Schlitz, Tony Scott, Wendy Sharp, Heather Shimmen, Judi Singleton, Adrian Spurr, Susan Stevenson, David Thomas, Andrew Trollope, David Wallage, Giles Warren, John Wolseley, Oleh Witer, Yan-hong Huang….


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