Print a Flat Object


There are numerous ways we can create images! One of the most exciting can be using found objects.



Saturday 28 March 10am -3pm

Participants for this one-day experimental print workshop will be asked to bring a dry flat object with them. This object will be prepared for printing, inked and printed on one of our three presses – the Albion Iron Handpress, the large format MES etching press or the Collagraph press.

Suitable objects might include textured material, dry flat leaves, feathers, doilies, found or handcut cardboard shapes, a pattern made up of matchsticks, gaskets or fibres.
Participants will then be encouraged to collaborate in the creation of a unique print that combines two or more of the printed objects.

There will also be an opportunity to see how a print made in this way can be transferred to a photographic screen print stencil that can be explored further during a workshop dedicated to screen printing.

All materials provided.

Cost $130