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Special Thanks

27/4/18 North West Photography Issue 1/5 Art Sunshine Print Artspace. Left to right Adrian Spurr and Phillip Doggett-Williams Pic Marco De Luca

Our first big fundraiser! What a fabulous evening.  Our Art Auction would not be possible without the long list of willing volunteers who assisted us in making the night such a success.

Auctioneer:  Andrew Egan From Egans Asset Management and Wise Office Furniture
MC:  Rupert Burns
Art handlers and Bar staff :  Joseph Doggett-Williams, Ryan Mueller, Lola Lynch, Lewis Ryan, Williams Humble, Eadie Rule, Darcy Long, Sarah Hutchinson.
Art Packing Team and Bar Staff: Tom Doggett-Williams, Callum Mariot, Jarrod Pagels, Jeb Costing.
Front Desk and Welcomer: Marina Perkovich
Fundere Foundry: Cameron McIndoe
Music:  ‘AlbiJay’ Tom Doggett-Williams, Callum Mariot, Jarrod Pagels, Jeb Costing and further thanks to the band for band doubling as art packers.
Latin Band:  ‘Mango Juice’  featuring John Calamatta on Saxaphone, Sevil Sabah vocals, Eiji Takemoto on Double bass, David Jones on piano, Joseph Darmenia on percussion.
Committee of Management: Christine White, Julia Boros, John Barcham, Evan Lowenstein, Malcolm Thomson, Julia Raath, Phillip Doggett-Williams and Adrian Spurr.
Greg Ades, Graeme Altman, Pamela Andrews, Stephen Armstrong, Robin Astley, Andreas Buismann, Dean Bowen, Godwin Bradbeer, Honore Bradbeer, John Barcham, Sebastion Berto, Julia Boros, Michelle Caithness, Anna Carrington St Smythe, Jon Cattapan, Annette Cooke, Sarah crowEST, Anne Crawford, Dawn Csutoros, Yvonne Day, Sonny Dalimore, Emma Davies, Ross Digby, Robert Doble, Joseph Doggett-Williams, Phillip Dogett-Williams, Andrew Ferguson, Peter Ferguson, David Frazer, Joel Gailer, Dianne Gameson, Gina Gascoigne, Pasquale Giardino, Rona Green, Gillian Haig, Imogen Hall, Shelley Hannigan, Richard Harding, Yan Huang, Peter Hutchinson, Chris Ingham, Mathew Johnson, Bill Kelly, Jeremy Kibel, Martin King, Michael Kluge, Athanasios Kokkinos, Vietta Korren-Steele, Kelly Koumalatsos, Michael Kluge, Richard Lewer, Sal Lolicato, Stephen McCarthy, Darren McDonald, Elisabeth Milsom, John Murray, Clive Murray-White, Mike Nichols, Perform Print, Marina Perkovich, Arthur Ted Powell, Julia Raath, Jeff Raglus, Hugh Ramage, Fleur Rendell, Geoffrey Ricardo, Trudy Rice, Marc Rogerson, Victor Rubin, Ann Ryan, Bart Sanciolo, Marc Schaller, Michael Schlitz, Tony Scott, Wendy Sharpe, Heather Shimmen, Judi Singleton, Adrian Spurr, Susan Stevenson, Vivienne, Tate, David Thomas, Andrew Trollope, Mick Turner, David Wallage, Giles Warren, Neil Williams, Oleh Witer, Dan Wollmering, John Wolseley, Isabel Nina Young….
And… to all the guests who supported us through their purchases…… a huge thank you!!